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Out Today: Attack on Titan 2 expansion Final Battle launches

5 July 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Attack on Titan 2's massive expansion pack, Final Battle, is now available as standalone DLC and at retail.

Following the story of the Attack on Titan anime - an adaptation of the Shingeki no Kyojin manga - Attack on Titan 2 follows the first and second seasons of the anime with its own story mode and a large cast of playable characters.

Continuing the story, the Final Battle expansion includes the story and characters of the anime's third season, allowing players to continue their existing Attack on Titan 2 save file or start afresh with the Final Battle content.

Final Battle introduces new characters debuted in the third season, as well as new weapons and equipment such as the Thunder Spear and the Gatling Gun; the Territory Recovery mode, which allows players to create a team of playable characters to send out to the world outside the walls, is also new to Final Battle.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is out now for platforms including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4; it is available at retail as a new package with the base game, and digitally, where it is available as a standalone expansion or in a bundle with the base game.