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E3 2019: Final Splatfest and update revealed for Splatoon 2

8 June 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Splatoon 2 will host the "last and biggest Splatfest ever" and receive an update adding Splatfests to private multiplayer matches.

Announced at the conclusion of the 2019 Splatoon 2 World Championships, which was won by Japan's GG BoyZ for a second consecutive year, Splatoon 2 will host its 24th and final Splatfest next month.

Dubbed the "Final Fest" Splatocalypse, it will introduce a new Shifty Station, while the other 23 from previous Splatfests will also be playable during the event, which will run for 72 hours.

Asking players which would they would choose - Team Chaos or Team Order - it will run from 18 to 21 July, starting and finishing at 5:00 AM PT (1:00 PM UK) respectively.

Players will also be able to obtain unique new Final Fest gear from the Splatoon 2 news channel on Nintendo Switch closer to the event.

Finally, the Version 5 update launching for the game in July will add the Turf War (Splatfest) option to private matches, with players able to choose from any of the 24 Shifty Stations, night versions of regular stages, and select ink colours.