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E3 2019: New information revealed for Luigi's Mansion 3

11 June 2019 – by Jack Taylor

Details about the story of Luigi's Mansion and upgrades to the Poltergust have been revealed.

As revealed during E3's Nintendo Direct, Luigi's Mansion 3 takes place in a luxurious hotel that Luigi has been invited to alongside Mario, Peach, and friends - really a plot by King Boo to capture the group, forcing Luigi and Professor E. Gadd to take action.

This time, Luigi can use the upgraded Poltergust G-00, which allows players to slam ghosts into floors, blow away a number of ghosts at a time, and summon Gooigi - a second character able to shift through metal bars and spikes, and usable in co-op by a second player.

Also revealed is the ScareScraper mode, an online and local multiplayer mode for up to eight people, tasking players with clearing objectives on each floor of the ScareScraper.

No firm release date has been confirmed, though Luigi's Mansion 3 is still planned to launch in 2019.